Rules of the quest game “Timemachine”


1. Before you start your adventure

  • Personal items such as keys, bags, phones, food and drinks must be submitted to the personnel. We are not responsible for items that haven’t been submitted.

  • It is suggested to arrive at Stacijas street 30, Valmiera ten minutes before the start of the game, so you would have time to get introduced to the rules and safety instructions.

  • In case of arriving late, people will still get instructed and introduced, but depending on the situation, the game time is going to be reduced. Only to those who have learned the rules can enter the time machine.


2. Rules during the game

  • The game has been created taking into consideration the necessary safety precautions and it doesn’t contain any dangerous or harmful elements. Clients are responsible for any intended or unintended action that can cause any harm (physical or moral).

  • The game is based on searching, creative thinking and analyzing information. It contains different puzzles, keys and simple technical solutions that don’t require any specific knowledge or skills. Strength, recklessness or violence is not to be used to solve any of the tasks.

  • Under any circumstances, it is prohibited to vandalize, destroy property, move around furniture, you’re not allowed to touch and to move yourself through heating devices and windows, do not touch the surveillance cameras and recording devices, as well as do not try to open any keys in a way they are not supposed to be opened.

  • The client is wholly responsible for any damage that has been done because of their activities during the game.

  • To participate in the game you must be at least 8 years old.

  • The game ends precisely after 60 minutes counting from the beginning of the booked time-slot, regardless of whether the participants have finished the game or not.


3. Rules after the game

  • To keep the adventure intriguing to others, we ask you to not spread information about the contents of the game.