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You have to travel back to the past to save the future!

Quest room in Valmiera

What is the story of "Mission 1961"?

We have received a message from the future – in 2026 a program called “Noah” will eliminate 99% of the world population, so that the remaining 1% could ascend to a new age. The only way for us to stop it is to go back in time to the year 1961, when the program was initiated, and bring back to the future documents that hold the necessary information. In order to achieve that, we are looking for a group of volunteers ranging from 1 – 4 people. The documents must be found and returned in 60 minutes. If the time expires, you will remain stuck in the past.

Want to participate?

You don’t need any previous knowledge or skills. The one thing you need to do is book a reservation on our site or by phone +371 27767876 and be ready to jump into the adventure.

Children under 14 require an adult as a teammate.

Reservations and pricing

Workdays - 25 EUR per team

Holidays - 35 EUR per team

Payment received in cash.

Reservation and pricing

Address - Valmiera, Krāču iela 2, LV-4201

E-mail -

Tel. - +37127767876

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