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We have three adventures:


  Valmiera eXcursion     Adventure in  Game Museum    

Adventure in Valmiera city center - guided tour + tasks

Up to 25 persons.

Call - +371 27767876

Only in summer

2-5 players - normal game

3-6 players - kids game

Kids for game must be at least

8 years old


Up to 15 persons


What is a quest room?

It's an exciting adventure for 2-6 people that will complete different technical, logical, and creative tasks to come closer to completing the goal - escaping from the room that they are locked in. Time is limited for completion of all the tasks.

Want to participate?

You don't need any previous skills. The one thing you need to do is book a reservation on our site or by phone +371 27767876 and be ready to jump into the adventure. 


Escape room - Workdays 25 EUR, Holidays - 35 EUR per team Valmiera eXcursion - 4 eur per person

Party room - 10eur/hour

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